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    Creative Design
    Software | Web Development
    DataBase administration
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Software Developer, Web Design, and Database Administration.

Bachelor’s degree in computer science,

With 12+ years of Front & Back-end development experience.

Ashburn VA, 20147

Phone: +1(571)581-0091
Email : dah2020@gmail.com

Highly passionate about modern design and development techniques, dedicated to quality, creativity, and innovation, with the ability to adapt and acquire new skills.

I lead multiple international and large scale projects, from initial requirement gathering, to Wireframes, Mockups, coding, testing, documentation and implementation.



My technical expertise includes the following programing languages and tools:

  • JavaScript, CSS3, LESS, HTML5, AngularJS, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, Bootstrap, XML.
  • PHP, Perl, ASP.net C# MVC, Crystal Reports, Java, Assembler, WAMP.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Flash, Dreamweaver, 3D Graphics, Animation, Logos, Mockups, Flyers and Brochures.
  • MSSQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, Google Analytic, Social Media.
  • I Designed and customized various web-based apps, including IP PBX, e-learning Moodle, Web SIP-phone, e-Commerce, GPS tracking systems, SAP Crystal Report, billing systems, and 2D/3D artworks

    Javascript / HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery / JSON / Bootstrap90%
    PHP / ASP.net / C# / Perl 85%
    SEO / CMS / MySQL / SQL / Informix 85%
    PhotoShop / Illustrator / Adobe Premier Pro / Flash 90%



    I Designed and implemented

  • various web-based apps, including IP PBX, e-learning Moodle, Web SIP-phone, e-Commerce, GPS tracking systems, SAP Crystal Report, billing systems, and 2D/3D artworks.
  • Public Speaking Clock (via PSTN phone network) for Senegal government, using recorded human voice (IVR), and Net.com VX Voice scripting.
  • Web-based (SCM) Supply Chain Management system for cement company in Mauritania.
  • Phone re-Routing system for Orange Telecom in Dakar, using the Net.com Shout internet protocol.
  • Prepaid Phone Services in France, Bahrain, and Jordan, as well as VoIP termination in Algeria.


    I designed and developed many Web UI using

  • Clean and Lightweight Cross-Browser responsive design,
  • Grid System, Optimized for iPad, iPhone, Android and other Retina devices,
  • Ajax/jQuery Forms, interactive and parallax effects,
  • Awesome fonts, flat/3D icons, Sliders, Menu using Photoshop, illustrator and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Social Media & SEO optimization with less files included.
  • Accessibility Compliance to “section 508 standards”, for disabled people who use assistive Tech.

    From 2009 to Present


    Software and Web Developer, Graphic Designer, and Database Administrator

    Omneia LLC, and Omnnea Telecom

    Ashburn, VA



    • Scripting to automate networks tasks
    • Designed and developed SIP web phone
    • Customized an IP PBX with English/Arabic user interface and Asterisk open source
    • Customized many SAP Crystal reports with C#.
    • Developed e-payment systems using MerchantOne, PayPal and Authorize.net
    • Developed online admin interface for data monitoring and remote access
    • Customized a sharing server for broadband customers
    • Designed a GPS tracking system for individuals and vehicles
    • Supervised and maintained hosted equipment in Reston, VA, co-location
    • Designed an email broadcast interface for marketing
    • Developed and updated all company websites
    • Designed and managed all databases using MS SQL, MySQL, and Informix
    • Managed data security, backup, technical support, and training for team members
    • Led the research & development department
    • Maintained and administered computer networks on site and remotely
    • Internet and intranet web development with English, French, and Arabic languages
    • Diagnosed, troubleshooted, and resolved hardware and software issues
    • Designed many advertisement flyers, logos, and vector artwork
    • Created technical documentations for products support
    • Designed web-based apps, and Responsive, interactive, cross browser website, with search engine optimization, WordPress/Joomla customer management systems, and HTML5/CSS/JQuery/PHP
    From 2002 to 2008


    Software and Web Developer

    ATE, Inc.

    Woodbridge, VA



    Designed, developed, and implemented:
    • Speaking clock, synchronized with GPS and accessed by telephone to hear the accurate time broadcasted on Senegal Public Telecom Network, using recorded human voice in French, English, and Wolof languages
    • Fax over IP server based on BrookTrout voice cards
    • Prepaid phone services in France, Bahrain, and Jordan.
    • Mobile money using PL/SQL triggers and USSD SMS commands
    • Billing software and interactive voice response
    • Monitoring console to monitor fax traffic in real time
    • Multiple online French, English, and Arabic apps to support internet service provider
    • New web messaging and web conferencing Interface
    • Web-based apps for subscribers’ dial-up connections
    • Database and software for library and books management
    • Websites with customized graphic designs
    • Telecom wholesale termination and origination in Senegal, Algeria, and Mauritania
    • e-banking solution for customer's online access, registration, deposits, statements, and money transfer
    From 2000 to 2002


    Web Developer and Graphic Designer

    ITC Telecom

    Erie, Pennsylvania



    • Responsible for the company's website and printed material
    • Designed logos, web content, and major advertising flyers for telecom show.
    • Developed online apps for rechargeable phone card
    • Developed software to collect and analyze daily call detail record reports
    • Developed multiple software programs for daily analysis and accounting



    Bachelor’s degree in computer science

    USTO - University of Science and Technology of Oran, Algeria.

    • 2003 - Training - Open IP Telephony based on Shoutip products
      NET.COM - Virginia
    • 2002 - Training - Telephone Systems
      VEGASTREAM, Virginia
    • 2001- Training - Internet telephony, billing system, and customer care software.
      RODOPI - California
    • 1999 - Training - Fax and VOIP network
      BROOKTROUT Inc. Massachusetts.


    Call us, email or
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    +1 571 581 0091

    20140 Lazy River Terrace
    Ashburn, Virginia 20147